Exciting opportunity curated by Hogarth Productions and Niquelle Latouche ARTS from the University of Reading to exhibit at Reading’s Takeaway gallery during Whitley Arts Festival 2014 !! GET IN TOUCH!!

 Takeaway Gallery call out 2014 PDF

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EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITY:                                                                                                                

The Whitley Arts Festival (20th October – 10th November 2014) is offering an exciting opportunity exclusively to students from Reading University. Curated by Hogarth Productions, and Reading University 3rd year Fine Art & English Literature student Niquelle LaTouche (currently on an internship with the festival), the successful applicant(s) will showcase their work independently as part of a nationally focussed festival which encourages innovation providing a platform for new work. The exhibition will run for the duration of the festival.

This open brief encourages you to submit ideas of new work – or examples of existing work that can inhabit the environment of a working canvas and photo printing shop in Reading’s Victorian Harris arcade. The work need not respond directly to its environment, but consideration should be given to the setting. A visit to the shop is advisable although not mandatory. The submission could consist of a single work, or a series of pieces, or indeed work from a number of artists. Video and audio work will also be considered. Work that challenges perceived or literal boundaries is encouraged.


There is no fee on offer, but this is an opportunity to place work in a new and public context in a festival with a growing reputation for innovation and experimentation.


Amongst the offerings at this year’s festival there will be contemporary theatre from Greg Wohead, Sara Davies, live art from Taey Iohe, contemporary choral work from Gabriel Jackson. See www.whitleyartsfestival for more info about the festival.


To apply please send any questions, finalised images, video clips of performance or works in progress by the 3rd of October 2014 along with a written summary of the work’s ideas and intentions (no more than 250 words) via email at: Niquelle.latouche@live.co.uk so that discussions with successful applicants can be arranged. All applications should be a maximum of 3mb in size.


Deadline for entries: 5th October

Notification of successful artist: 10th October

Installation dates: 17th – 20th October

Exhibition dates: 20th October – 10th November



Address: Takeaway Gallery, Harris Arcade Reading RG11DN

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5:30pm


Ross Hale: 07411685508




Curator LaTouche

tumblr_nc824s4YbA1rvqh68o1_500Busy busy busy working away, internship with Hogarth productions @whitleyfest is only 6 days in and I’ve been given my first proper curatorial role to curate,organise, plan, select, etc an exhibition at Takeaway Gallery :) WOOO!!! Look out for my #WhitleyArtsFest14 Artist Outreach posts later today!

Niquelle LaTouche – #WELUDANCE Freestyle


I was tagged by a friend Kasher in a post on Facebook with this #WeluDance competition to win $1000 … the competiton is hosted by African Muzik Magazine and an Afrobeats Artist Teddy-A to promote his new song ‘Welu’ http://youtu.be/HWEezehdykY. I am not a fan of doing dance for the sake of competition however I am really fond of sharing culture especially that of the Afro-Carribean diaspora. I have grown to like the song so thought I would upload a video of me messing about in my flat instead of entering. Look out for my #CARRIBEANCRUSH CLASSES starting this Tuesday 23rd of September 2014 (more info on my FB page Niquelle Latouche ARTS)


39715_130033257041444_602028_nA #THROWBACK project with the letsbebriefcrew​ !!
A design my brother and I came up with to make ‘recycling cool’
MY LITTLE GREEN FIEND:)39715_130033253708111_4802464_n



Check the full album here :


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Niquelle LaTouche – NO EXCUSES – @Niquelle_L


This is an old ORIGINAL poem I wrote almost 2 years ago, I have taken it back to where I started sharing my poems, in the comfort of the household. I was meaning to re-record it and now with the current issues that are happening I feel it is necessary to share my work.

This is not aimed to cause any offence to anyone, I just hope one day these powerful individuals of the past like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King jr , Nelson Mandela and Dr. Maya Angelou who fought hard for EQUALITY and PEACE beneath an oppressed society’s dreams will be realised and fulfilled before it is too late.

Peace & Love
Niquelle LaTouche

Feel free to feedback and share it if you love or loathe it :)
Get in touch.

Work can be Work too… NEW CLASSES



Tuesday 8-9pm
Getting in shape while working on movement techniques, dance foundations & choreography derived form the Afro-Caribbean diaspora. The class will be to vibrant uptempo music from places such as Africa , Jamaica and Trinidad.
Wednesday 7-8pm
Commercial Hiphop focused on performance and individuality within a choreographed environment. Popular music, foundational movement & current trends will be incorporated.
Saturday 11am-12pm
Dissecting and listening to music in close detail to gain a more varied range of motion available for dance. Pushing boundaries of conventional dance by encouraging dancers to experiment with unique, individual movement. A variety of music form hip hop to house, rock to electro and classical. Suitable for all abilities.


or Email: Niquelle.latouche.arts@live.com
for more info !!



Hogarth Productions Internship – Whitley Arts Festival – Sound Workshops


As part of Reading University’s Internship Scheme I have undertaken an Arts based internship with the organisers of Whitley Arts Festival , Hogarth Productions. I had volunteered with Anna and Edmund Harcourt last year in October (see link to earlier post http://niquellelatouche.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/working-at-whitley-arts-festival/ ) mainly because as a newbie to Reading and Berkshire I had no clue what it was and after back and fourthing with regards to submitting my own work for a venue I eventually decided not to and just to volunteer my time to get a gist of how it all goes for years to come. Also I know the importance of having a lovely network of people in different areas of work as a freelance artist, so it was a nice opportunity to network. I worked on both their main festival “Constellation”  and worked mainly at Venue 8 http://www.whitleyartsfestival.co.uk/default.asp?id=270&ver=1 . I also worked with Anna on their post festival Children’s workshops for Halloween. Constellation is making a come back this year and for the festival in October 2014 I am now heavily involved in planning and executing with the organisers (which is super exciting).

The internship began on the 22nd of August and will continue until November and I will juggle this in between University and teaching my new dance classes in Reading (see about page for details).

This year’s workshops will be including sound art and it has really triggered some inspiration for my own works for this academic year, so as well as researching for my internship I am going to do some research of my own into sound art and the possible avenues I would like to explore this year :)



Hogarth Productions presents a two session ‘Sound Art’ Workshop Linked to an exciting interactive sonic art commission for ‘Constellation’ on the 24th October: the main event in the Whitley Arts Festival.

  •  The Workshop:

This interactive, participatory session involves specifically made equipment that gives sound a visual context by transforming sound waves into unique patterns. Working with tone generators, chladni plates and small grains that respond to vibration such as sand and salt, participants will be able to ‘play’ these unique instruments to create their own sound signature.

The workshop will be accompanied by a learning sheet that develops their understanding of how sound works sound and broadens their experience of music by introducing them to sound art. They will be able to see a fully-fledged example of a sound art work by visiting the Whitley Arts Festival’s major commission for 2014 called ‘POD’ which will take place in St Laurence’s Church on the 24th October in Constellation.

  •  Session 1: – Participatory Workshop.

This can take place any time in September or October, before 24th October. The length of the session can vary, to fit the length of a single or double lesson. It can accommodate a varying number of participants. Please speak to Hogarth Productions to discuss.

  • Session 2: – Sound Art Performance:

This takes place on Friday 24th October during the day. Timings will be fixed with the participant groups on booking.


The sessions are free. Transport will need to be arranged to get to St Laurence’s Church for the 24th October.

For more information, or to book your workshop, contact Edmund Harcourt on ed@hogarthproductions.co.uk or phone 07968 439 810