Internal Exhibition of Summer work 30.09.2014 – See Me

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 With the summer to reflect upon my on-going body of work, I realised the emphasis and focus on the human figure appearing as a reoccurring theme and idea. I intend to illuminate and take a detailed look at the body, as art, or in the case of my work last year, to use the body to make art. The importance placed upon the transitory nature of movement of my last year’s work I think fell short of what I was trying to translate which in essence is the celebration of “the organic qualities of the body” however this year I have taken an interest particularly in the reconstruction of self-perception and ‘co-ownership’ of one’s image.  To consider the body as art then raises the question of perception, what type of body do we accept? Why? Artist stimulus was provided by Jenny Saville, whose nudes of obese women raised the question of what conventions perceive beautiful.  Saville’s paintings were revolutionary and to me show the most ‘organic’ form of the body before and cosmetic intervention or what society would deem acceptable.  We may venture oblivious to what society and our environment may influence, but women in particular face the challenge of a ‘self-obsessed displeasure’ every day. This displeasure and ‘imperfection’ is what I want to reframe and celebrate instead of degrade further, highlighting the body in all shapes and forms showing its true beauty.  Whether by using movement on video to show its organic ways of motion or by photography, painting or drawings alone I have decided to focus on the relationship between the mind and body to reframe the boundaries of the self-acceptance. I will show the morphed view of the body to illuminate the beauty of difference.

I have also begun an exploration of the human form for women of Caribbean heritage in a collaborative project with Chantal Miller of ChantiMedia for her ‘This is Me’ Exhibition. The relationship between body and mind is one that really intrigues me, especially from a female perspective. We are used to constant critique and magazines telling us we are too fat, thin, tall, short, our thighs wobble too much here, our hair is too thick, thin, curly, straight, we have good hair (whatever that bloody means), our teeth don’t look straight enough, our skin is too dark, light, oily…ahhh the list goes on forever but the point is WHAT DO WE THINK OF OURSELVES?  This self-critique and honest spillage of the dissatisfaction or hopefully self-gratification we may have with our own bodies, is what I intend to explore further.

I will and have chosen to incorporate engineering in my work this year but instead to use as a tool for highlighting the art or as a display tool (as in the displayed piece). This work has been heavily influenced by Saville’s glass images and my prints and scans have been made in response. This project will form a starting point for my next installation piece. Spectators  will inadvertently affect my work by walking in the peripheral area as the sonars will detect their movement and cause LEDs to flash on  above and image , indirectly changing the way the image appears. These LEDs are representational for the varying external sources which bear influence upon an individual’s appearance: those magazines or opinions set by conventions of society. The focus on a very exterior influenced self-image is what I intend to translate with this piece.

Dumas Inspired images – Saville’s content, Dumas’ style- Mono-prints

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my selected mono-prints using the Saville inspired glass images I created and drew the detailed areas using a bit of Dumas’ ink style , this is only a beginning experimentation I intend to explore further my use of ink. I intend to create a full body image from an elevated glass photograph which I will then recreate using ink to draw the body.

Marlene Dumas – Artist Research – Artist Medium

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“My best works are erotic displays of mental confusions (with intrusions of irrelevant information).” Marlene Dumas

It wasn’t particularly Dumas’ subject matter which took my interest, as it is way too politically inclined for what I want my work to say this year  it was more her style of representation and her ink paintings really caught my attention for their honest application, depicting a very specific view of the female  body. I wanted to incorporate ink drawing into my work this year as it is a medium I am fond using and found that the bleeding of the ink can create a very obscure final image this ‘mental confusion’ is an idea I am exploring.

Saville Inspired images -a little body scan


scan3 scan4

scan5 scan6


These images were created as a response to Jenny Saville’s Glass photographs, we have all seen those drunken office parties where a lad photocopies his arse and was quite hesitant to put my face on a public photocopier for that exact reason however, with the calling desire for new art beckoning I could not avoid it any longer. I was there in the library squishing my face as hard as I could against a photocopier screen and trying not to become blind from the BRIGHT scanner light was quite entertaining and fun but the images it began to create definitely stimulated some nerves for development. These images were the select few I found most satisfying. Like Saville I used my self as the main figure in these works and these ‘self portraits’ are only the starting points for this project.

OHHHH YES! Jenny Saville -Artist Research




5artwork_images_412_52533_jenny-saville 105841bSaville’s photography and paintings are inspirational both for their dynamic use of the figure and her choice of subject the larger woman. For me I was particularly impressed with the images against the glass, one it is a self portrait and as much as I love my art I am not sure whether I would bare all for the sake of it …but you never know where work will take you sometimes. She is a brave daring individual who self praises and glorifies the body. The glass shows a very morphed view of what the body is perceived as, this idea of an alternative view of the figure is much like that of which we and others see of ourselves when we at each other or look in the mirror. This is an idea I want to explore further in my own work, particularly with women. I find her works intriguing and captivating as it makes you see the beauty of the body in all shapes and forms.

Experimental Musicality – The ART of Movement

On Saturdays I  began teaching a class called ” Experimental Musicality”. This class has been used for me to experiment with the limitations of the body by using music to expand the mind’s perception of what is considered possible to explore while moving. For me, movement is an Art form which allows us to see and appreciate the capacity at which the body enables us to move. I will stress this is not a dance or Music class it is to understand the relationship between the body and the mind but using music as a means to experimentation. Music I have found is the easiest way to gain a very individual quality of movement, we all hear different things and once understood well enough we all will develop our own vocabulary of movement. Most experiments are playing in and around music  to enable the attendee to see the body in a new and appreciative light as opposed to the very limited light in which we use the body for necessity alone. I find routine and the movement in day-to-day boring but when we illuminate and re-frame these gestures and movements, we then realise the beauty of the body.  It is not focused on the dance element although music and movement are considered it is more to see the body as a vessel for artistic expression and see art in movement,during the duration of the class one should begin to understand and be excited by the capacity of movement available to the body. All experiments work as developments and documentation for a video to accompany my final exhibition piece.
Saturday 11am-12pm
Dissecting and listening to music in close detail to gain a more varied range of motion available for dance. Pushing boundaries of conventional dance by encouraging dancers to experiment with unique, individual movement. A variety of music form hip hop to house, rock to electro and classical. Suitable for all abilities.


Exciting opportunity curated by Hogarth Productions and Niquelle Latouche ARTS from the University of Reading to exhibit at Reading’s Takeaway gallery during Whitley Arts Festival 2014 !! GET IN TOUCH!!

 Takeaway Gallery call out 2014 PDF

Takeaway Gallery call out 2014 WORD Takeaway Gallery call out  2014 JPEG



EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITY:                                                                                                                

The Whitley Arts Festival (20th October – 10th November 2014) is offering an exciting opportunity exclusively to students from Reading University. Curated by Hogarth Productions, and Reading University 3rd year Fine Art & English Literature student Niquelle LaTouche (currently on an internship with the festival), the successful applicant(s) will showcase their work independently as part of a nationally focussed festival which encourages innovation providing a platform for new work. The exhibition will run for the duration of the festival.

This open brief encourages you to submit ideas of new work – or examples of existing work that can inhabit the environment of a working canvas and photo printing shop in Reading’s Victorian Harris arcade. The work need not respond directly to its environment, but consideration should be given to the setting. A visit to the shop is advisable although not mandatory. The submission could consist of a single work, or a series of pieces, or indeed work from a number of artists. Video and audio work will also be considered. Work that challenges perceived or literal boundaries is encouraged.


There is no fee on offer, but this is an opportunity to place work in a new and public context in a festival with a growing reputation for innovation and experimentation.


Amongst the offerings at this year’s festival there will be contemporary theatre from Greg Wohead, Sara Davies, live art from Taey Iohe, contemporary choral work from Gabriel Jackson. See www.whitleyartsfestival for more info about the festival.


To apply please send any questions, finalised images, video clips of performance or works in progress by the 3rd of October 2014 along with a written summary of the work’s ideas and intentions (no more than 250 words) via email at: so that discussions with successful applicants can be arranged. All applications should be a maximum of 3mb in size.


Deadline for entries: 5th October

Notification of successful artist: 10th October

Installation dates: 17th – 20th October

Exhibition dates: 20th October – 10th November



Address: Takeaway Gallery, Harris Arcade Reading RG11DN

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5:30pm


Ross Hale: 07411685508