Artist Career Talks – X Marks the Bökship

Eleanor Vonne Brown the founder came into the University to talk to us and give us a few free books too here is a summary of what she spoke of:

X Marks the Bökship is a “gallery for artists” , she was initially part of a performance group which all got a studio together and studied at Central Saint Martin’s then went on to the London College of Communications to do an MA in Publications.X

This influenced her works as the context of her works was a project space in a “gallery for books” and the shop was “publication as practice” . She also found her curatorial role becoming part of her practice as an artist and the design of the shop floor is concentrating on the drawing below and she has also published various books and hosts events about this idea.

What I found most interesting about her work is that she also incorporates performance. The shop hosts experimental readings and writing workshops as well as art writing, the use of scripts , text about dialogue and then even looks further into typography. She uses misprints from old technology to gain an aesthetic of the past, which to her adds value by showing the texts or narrative differently as the digital advances to her have lost something the old machinery can give to the texts. The acceptance of the appropriation of the aesthetic of the past rather than accepting the present  then art trends tend to accept old aesthetics once it becomes out of fashion in its contemporary technological sitting. She embraces both the past and the aesthetic of today.

She encourages networking to connect with other people outside the art realm and collaborative practices such as her Alphabet piece was X’s from 26 different artists giving different designs and techniques to produce the letter X.

I thought it was also quite nice to hear she hasn’t just gained this all form mid air and has gone through various jobs such as , teaching selling to libraries, bar work and part time work to support herself financially. Pretty cool projects check her out!

X Marks the Bökship is a bookshop and project space for independent publishers in London, UK. It specialises in small press publications by artists and designers. It promotes contemporary publishing activity through book launches, events and production resources that bring together individual practitioners to create a local publishing community. Projects include X-Operative, Publisher of the Month, Publisher’s Lunch, eShelf, the XARCHIVE and the XALPHABET; a print edition of 26 Xs by 26 artists

X Marks the Bökship
^ Matt’s Gallery
42 – 44 Copperfield Road
Mile End
London E3 4RR


Adrian Piper -Performance Artist – Research

Her practice( practices of hers relevant to my own)

  • Performance art
  • Drawing on photographs of the performance art
  • Text – Reading is a key element!
  • Multi-media – music, film, spoken narrative
  • Feminist artist, mixed race artist, and an academic
  • Explores issues of class, sexuality, gender and Race
  • Conceptual art – Makes viewers think and ask questions
  • Uses herself
  • Almost all art has some sort of self portrait

What I found particularly relevant to my work is her

Catalysis Series 1972 -73

  • Public performances
  • Subway and city streets
  • Forced confrontation between viewer and artist

download Rode through subway with a cloth in her mouth

Piper_01Walked through streets with “wet paint” painted on her shirt

Attention is directed at viewing the public’s confusion, disgust, and fear

This forced experience I will experiment with more performance later on this academic year.

Curator LaTouche – Private View – Takeaway Gallery 8/11/14

Wall pan e

My first Co-curated Exhibition , looking not too shabby.

3 some

Artists: Myroforoa Dracopolou , Sahar Malik and me.

Group 2

Gallery owner Ross Hale (top left) Co -curator Anna Harcourt (2nd left) , Artist Will Cunnington (3rd left) , Artist: Myra Dracopolou (front middle) , Co-curator myself Niquelle (front 2nd right) , my family , Will’s family and Myra’s friend.

Artist Myra (far left), co-curator Edmund Harcourt (back 3rd left) , Artist Sahar Malik (2nd right) and co-curator me (far right).

IMG_8244That advertising in my last post  on show of course :)

IMG_8256Family , friends and great work.

IMG_8218 IMG_8224

Sahar Malik – Final display.

Will Cunnington – Final display.


Myra Dracopolou – Final display 1/3


Myra Dracopolou – Final display 2/3.IMG_8241Telling my proud dad about the works and what I did (this is the first art thing he has come to since I began my art degree)

Doing my curator thing discussing Myra’s work with her and her friend. IMG_8246

It was a good discussion.

My dad and little sister Shannon came out to support his first LaTouche in her working environment.

Doing my curator thing with co-curator Anna Harcourt of ‘A&E’ and artist Myroforoa Dracopolou. IMG_8249

Window work, video form Olivia and Painting by Myra Dracopolou :)
IMG_8255Co-Curators Edmund Harcourt of ‘A&E’ and myself Niquelle LaTouche (And m very expressive face).


Curator LaTouche JOB DONE!!

Niquelle LaTouche Arts

Curator LaTouche- Gallery Mock Up, Wording & Online Publication

MOCK U P Board website artists

Probably the most difficult part of my job was finding where and how to put what although I mocked up how the would work together via my ever so handy little tool Microsoft paint (picture 1) all things change when you are actually in the space and have to decide on appropriate lighting and positioning. With the amazing help or Takeaway Gallery owner Ross Hale we managed to come up with the best possible way to display the works, how to light them,where the eye line should be for the works and soooo much more.These were important questions to approach and when you have to display someone else’s work all of this must be taken into consideration as you want it to be well received.

The second image is our A3 board which was displayed on the table outside the gallery for the public to read to hopefully entice them into entering the exhibition. What I learned most about Whitley Arts Festival is the beauty of simplicity, there is nothing wrong with assuming the viewer has no clue so to strip it right down to every day terminology, unlike what the art department world tell you to do – over academically cram every big word I can imagine to basically say the same thing.This as well as how to advertise your exhibition to the public via Facebook,Twitter and via the websiteto maintain audience numbers and engagement to ensure people actually come was great to see marketing in a more art oriented use, I had to write the wording for before it being finalised and uploaded for the public. Great experience of pre production and organisation that I will use in many other avenues in my own business.

Tino Sehgal – Artist Research – Happenings (Final piece starting points)

Sehgal works play on ideas which my work is continuing to explore this year. Time and a momentary event within a constructed environment. This happening will occur and will be very individualised as it will only happen once and will depend on the retrieval of memory to preserve the occurrence. Sehgal’s work exists as fragments of evidence of his happenings or constructed situations because he chooses not to document his work, I however don’t have this novelty as a student who is trying to gain marks for my workload at present but at some stage would like to explore this further. This immateriality and the temporal structures are fragile but also means all of his works are of a primary source and only those around to witness it have seen it which I find very interesting; there’s an organic and pureness of that moment. I am going to use  technology to reproduce these ‘happenings’ in a more condensed manner exploring language and the senses of the body in a manipulated space which will cause a series of happenings to occur when navigated through. The series of happenings will be very individual to each member moving through the space and will show the various abstract ways of demonstrating a momentary happening in a constructed space.

All of Sehgal’s works exist ephemerally and are documented only in the viewer’s memory. The artist himself describes his works as ‘constructed situations’. His materials are the human voice, language, movement, and interaction. He resists the production of physical objects. Sehgal’s pieces are choreographies that are regularly staged in museums or galleries, and continuously executed by trained individuals he refers to as “interpreters” for the entire duration of a show. The artwork is the constructed situation which arises between the audience and the interpreters of the piece.

I intend to construct a ‘sensory maze of happenings’ as my final piece this academic year playing on sound, sight, touch and possibly scent also demonstrating an exploration of language and movement in a choreographic environment.

Here are two audience member’s videos of the same piece at the TATE MODERN

<p><a href=”″>Tino Sehgal at Tate Modern</a> from <a href=”″>Mari Wallig</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

and another three of his THESE ASSOCIATIONS  piece:

From the ground level:

from above:

Artist Research- ‘Kadının Evrimi’ – by Masqulen Animation

<p><a href=”″>Kadının Evrimi</a> from <a href=”″>Masqlen</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I am not sure of the original source for this animation as it has been reposted by several people but this is more of a political subject in comparison to what my work will explore but this still focuses on the change and temporal features of these moments in the animation. Although it does handle some ideas about beauty and the body image it is less a subject matter I would handle however animation is still a great avenue to explore further with the changing perception of an image.

Great animation!